Our Service

Outline of Business Content

Since its establishment, ASIAN GATE has been actively working in real estate development, sales and brokerage and in the construction of commercial buildings for clients.
In order better serve our clients, investing customers and trading companies, we continue to improve and expand our services.

The business of our company is divided into the three segments below.

Developer Enterprise

ASIAN GATE conducts a variety of real estate developments and sales, meeting the demand of our investors. Steel structure houses and partly tenant-occupied houses are the principal elements of our developer enterprise.
We will continue to strengthen our ability to source land and our relationships with building constructors and carry on producing property that appeals to our investors.

We sincerely hope to hear from companies which support, or have an interest in, our business.

Sales to national
and foreign investors

We actively seek to strengthen relationships between domestic and foreign companies in order that we can sell real estate properties developed in-house by ASIAN GATE to our investors.
We are constantly expanding our network of domestic and foreign investors in order that more and more investors might consider investing in properties developed by ASIAN GATE.
On the other hand, ASIAN GATE can also help your company in the sale of your real estate. Because of ASIAN GATE’s large network of domestic and foreign investors, we can refer your attractive real estate to a wide variety of investors.

Construction Enterprise

ASIAN GATE not only develops and sells real estate for investment; we also have a construction department. We meet many different demands such as opening new restaurants, redecorating office rooms and re-landscaping golf courses. If your company would like to renovate or construct a new store, please do let us know.

To The corporation

For Real Estate Agents

ASIAN GATE can produce attractive proposals for the customers
of your company with our in-house developed real estate.

We deal with a wide scope of real estate including single block apartments, share houses and communal apartments centralized in the Tokyo area. We would love for you to make use of them in proposals to customers of your company.
Please do consider making ASIAN GATE a new addition to your business.