Steel-frame single block apartments

At ASIAN GATE, we have accumulated achievements with timber construction through our share house enterprise. In order to respond further to customer demand, we are now also putting our efforts into the construction of steel-frame single block apartments in the 23 wards of Tokyo. Through this new enterprise we will provide customers with a wider range of proposals and products advantageous to their asset management. We hope you that you will have high expectations for this enterprise, just as we do.

Characteristics of the average
steel structure apartment

The advantages of newly constructed buildings within Tokyo's 23 wards


Steel-frame single block apartments available at ASIAN GATE

The majority of second hand apartments are old properties that have been around for many years. The fact that many of them require large repairs and renovations causes a lot of trouble for owners. The properties we offer at ASIAN GATE are all recently built properties so there is no need to worry about that.

Whilst it does vary depending on each individual customer, the steel-frame buildings are generally durable for up to 34 years and so it is possible to get a loan for a term of from 30 or perhaps even 35 years. Getting a long-term loan means that you can reduce the amount of your monthly repayments and increase the cash flow coming your way Due to the fact that the properties are within Tokyo's 23 wards, it is comparatively easy to receive a loan from a large bank with a low interest rate. Steel properties are also much larger than timber ones and so is the amount of cash flow they generate and their likelihood of being afforded a loan. This can amount to more cash flow than owning several timber properties. The fact that they are located in Tokyo's 23 wards also gives the properties a strong advantage in finding new tenants. We design our properties to fulfill the as many of the demands of tenants as we can. Thanks to this and the effect of the Olympics, the property value is expected to continue to increase. ASIAN GATE delivers our customers properties with potential for very high occupancy rates and large profits.