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We support you in the formation of
your assets through real estate investment

When it comes to investment, people think of it as costing a lot and as something limited to a small section of the wealthier class. Thus investing can hardly be called commonplace. However, as anxiety about the future increases due to the financial problems and issues with the pension system in Japan and the tough competition caused by globalization, the age has come when people are required to be proactive in forming their own assets; in other words to ’invest’.

ASIAN GATE offers favorable opportunities to invest by constructing properties ourselves that we know will greatly contribute to the development of our customers’ assets.
The business that we introduce to investors is divided into six segments.

US military housing enterprise

We will build and provide US military housing that achieves high interest rates, focusing on properties outside the US military base that are scattered in several locations in Japan.

One Block Apartment enterprise

We construct and provide mid-size steel-frame apartments using our stock of land centralized in the 23 wards of Tokyo.

Okinawa Resort Condominium enterprise

We provide a beautiful
resort Okinawa property.

Sale of foreign
real estates enterprise

We also provide foreign property from Asia, Europe and Oceania.

Developer enterprise

We offer properties developed in-house by our company. Development of in-house properties is a distinguishing characteristic of our business at ASIAN GATE.

Real estate seminars

We explain the value of investing in real estate in a way that even beginners find easy to understand.

The golden opportunity to invest in
real estate provided by the Tokyo Olympics

There is a golden opportunity to invest in real estate 
that has even attracted attention from foreign investors.

A spotlight has been placed upon real estate in Japan as a result of the upcoming Tokyo Olympics in 2020 and the general feeling that Japan is relatively inexpensive due to the low exchange rate of yen. We have a sense of how much attention is being paid to Japanese real estate because the number of inquiries we receive from foreign investors has increased dramatically. We can safely say that there are great chances for real estate investments right now.

To Investors

For real estate investors

Properties provided by ASIAN GATE are high performance
and realize high levels of interest return.

We offer properties developed by our own company, effectively enabling our customers to buy property at the wholesale price. We also deal with a variety of properties including single block apartments, share houses and communal apartments, enabling us to make proposals that fit the individual demands of each customer. We are also able to offer brokerage properties. We respond to a diverse range of needs.