What's Seminar?

Explaining real estate investment to the best
of our ability in an easy to understand way

For those of you who feel attracted to real estate but can’t quite make that first step, ASIAN GATE professionals will explain, in a simple and easy to understand manner, the merits and demerits of investing in real estate. Our seminars have an established reputation with those who feel anxious about their income and pension in old age, those who are investing for the first time and those who would like to know more about real estate investment. ‘It was so easy to understand. I learned a great deal’ ‘I’d like to consider real estate investment as a serious option’ ‘It was great that the speaker spoke frankly about the risks without concealing them’ We have been evaluated highly by many people who have actually participated in our seminars.

Seminars held overseas

Not only do we hold seminars in Japan,
but we also hold them in various places overseas.

Japanese real estate investment has gained much attention over the last few years from foreign investors concentrated in countries like Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We receive many inquiries from foreign countries and in order to respond to this demand, we are proactive about holding conferences overseas.